What is a “No Title Case?”

Used car companies have been selling cars in Missouri without the titles. Doing this makes it impossible for consumers to legally own their cars. You open yourself to a lot of risks by purchasing cars without titles. In Missouri, doing this is illegal. Purchasing a car without a title from a used car dealer is also a very easy way to expose you to a lot of harmful schemes and scams and criminal prosecution. 


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In most states, purchasing, selling, or even driving a car without a title is against the law. Missouri happens to be one of those states. RSMo Section 301.210 states that “In the event of a sale or transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle or trailer for which a certificate of ownership has been issued, the holder of such certificate shall endorse on the same an assignment thereof, with warranty of title in form printed thereon, and prescribed by the director of revenue, with a statement of all liens or encumbrances on such motor vehicle.”


Why is it illegal? 

The title of the car is what legally assigns the purchaser’s ownership of the car. Even if you paid for the car, if you have no title, you have no legal proof of ownership. A bill of sale is not enough to show legal ownership. So if you were to get pulled over, you could not show that you legally are entitled to your car. 


No title = no license plates, loans, or insurance

Since buying a vehicle with no title is illegal in Missouri, you will not be allowed to purchase a new license plate that is in your name. This in return means you likely cannot purchase insurance or get traditional car loans after purchase, since car titles are used as collateral for loans. 


You won’t know the car’s history

Without a car title, it’s almost impossible to know that car’s history. It could have been in an accident or flood. The car could also be stolen. No one wants a stolen car. To make sure this is not the case, you could run a VIN check. 


What should you do if you are a victim to this? 

It is not the buyer’s responsibility to find a title when the dealer does not provide it. Ask the seller for the title. If they don’t have it, don’t buy the car. If you have the car and they have your money – you can call us. If you are a victim of a no-title car, you might have a case. Keep all of your paperwork. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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