Former Missouri State Employee wins $2 million in an employment discrimination lawsuit

Former Missouri state employee, Eric Qualls, was awarded $2 million by a Cole County Jury after filing a discrimination case against the Missouri House of Representatives. Back in 2017, Qualls was a researcher for the House and claimed that his supervisors in the chamber did not care to accommodate him and his medical disability. 


Qualls requested multiple times for his medical disability to be accommodated at the workplace, but his requests continued to be met with rejection. After warning his employers that he would report them to the Missouri Human Rights Commision for their negligence, he was fired by the former Chief Clerk of the House, D. Adam Crumbliss. 


Qualls sued both the House and Crumbliss for disability discrimination, unlawful retaliation, as well as discriminatory practices. His firing was both malicious and calculated. The jury deliberated on April 8th overnight and came to the verdict that the failure of accommodations in the workplace violated the MRHA. The Chapel Law Group was able to represent Qualls and get him what he deserved.