You matter and we are here to protect ​your rights!​

Terrible things happen in the world every day.

Many times people don’t fully comprehend what’s happening when it happens. For example if a semi crashes into your car you may know that your arm hurts or that you’re foot is injured, but you may not be aware of the full extent of those injuries for months to come after doctors, physical therapist, chiropractors and other specialists determine whether or not they can put you back together in the same condition you were in before. Unfortunately, too many people are rushed to evaluate their injuries but don’t have the right information to do it with. Moreover, harassing calls from insurance companies immediately after a wreck can be unnerving. Some even try to embarrass the victim of a wreck or minimize their complaints or injuries.  It’s not fair for people to hurt other people and then try to escape being held accountable. Sometimes it’s not even the people who  cause harm who  don’t want to make it right. Occasionally insurance companies will stand in the way of compensating a victim to pad their own pockets.

The Chapel Law Group was founded to bring together some of the best talent available to solve problems. Those problems include injuries caused by the negligence or intentional act of another, merchants and service providers who cheat their customers, situations where people are mistreated at work or in public places based on a protected category that may include race, sex, religion, color, national origin or disability.

As much as we like to tell you that there’s a cause and cure for every problem, there are some situations that are  more difficult than others. There are problems that we are not equipped to fix or we  just flat out don’t know how. At the Chapel Law Group we will share with you the best of our legal experience in site and education to ensure that you have the ability to evaluate your problem and solutions that may be found.  Most cases allow us to work on a results oriented bases for compensation meaning that unless there’s a recovery for the injuries or the losses that you have sustained, there will be no fee. Some cases because of the nature  have to be considered in different way, let’s start first with seeing if we can help. Then, if we can find out how we can help there’s plenty of time for you to decide why we should help.

Most importantly, you are important. The things that happen to you may not be your fault and some of them may not be legal. There are number of ways that you can contact us and whether you prefer to complete the short form about your injuries or the problems you face, or you prefer to call and talk with a member of our team, the most important thing is that you seek help in solving the problems that face you. The choice of a lawyer is a significant one and should not be based on advertisement. We encourage you to talk about the problem with the lawyer and make an assessment as to whether you feel your problem is worth resolving and the lawyer you talk to as a person who is committed to helping you solve that problem through the law.

Please wish us good luck as the Chapel Law Group expands into this website and through its litigation in Kansas City, Jefferson City, and St. Louis.